is focused on calling out gender bias in the media. This is a community board to bring your outrage and insight and do something about it. Do you have an example of outrageous use of gender stereotypes or misrepresentations in media? Find out who we can contact to complain about it and then post it here to make it easy for others to follow your lead! Did you write a great letter that got a response? Share it to inspire and motivate others! What about those of you who have examples of media getting it right? We want to hear about that, too, so we can encourage more of the same. grew out of discussions by Rosa and Pat of Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc. in anticipation of WAM!2007, put on by the Center for New Words.

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07/05/07 -cheryl- Oooh I want to grow up to be a Billionairres Bimbo!!!!
06/19/07 -Rosa- Tweeter wants males only
06/12/07 -cheryl- Reference to article on math stereotyping damage
05/22/07 -- Misrepresentation of Sexual Harassment Research in Oz Press
04/30/07 -Pat- It`s a boy`s era
04/30/07 -DM- Kiplinger Gets It Right
04/24/07 -Pat- Geena Davis Hollywood Hero
04/21/07 -Nancy- Maureen Dowd only female NYTimes op-ed columnist
04/21/07 -DM- Women In IT
04/20/07 -Pat- Don`t girls fish?
04/19/07 -DM- The NYT On Women In Computer Science
04/18/07 -Tom-
04/18/07 -Rebecca- Gender-biased Happy Meals
04/17/07 -Rosa- Rapist doll
04/17/07 -Angela- "Domestic" Violence and Gendered Assumptions
04/16/07 -Rosa- Genetics and sexuality
04/16/07 -Rosa- "Mother of all Blunders", all right
03/30/07 -pat- Support good reporting
03/30/07 -Pat- The Weekly Reader
03/30/07 -Pat- No women for the Discovery Channel
Titles & Summaries
Oooh I want to grow up to be a Billionairres Bimbo!!!!
Reported by: cheryl -- ( 07/05/07 11:23:27 )
Money Magazine`s Marlys Harris has just written a truly disgusting piece of filth -- How To Marry a Billionaire.

The tricks these media chicks get up to....and the money they`re willing to put out for.
Tweeter wants males only
Reported by: Rosa -- ( 06/19/07 09:22:57 )
A Craig`s List job posting: "Tech Saavy Male wanted for Tweeter Center Promotions"
Reference to article on math stereotyping damage
Reported by: cheryl -- ( 06/12/07 10:44:09 )

A popular stereotype that boys are better at mathematics than girls undermines girls’ math performance because it causes worrying that erodes the mental resources needed for problem solving, new research at the University of Chicago shows.

The scholars found that the worrying undermines women’s working memory. Working memory is a short-term memory system involved in the control, regulation and active maintenance of limited information needed immediately to deal with problems at hand.
Misrepresentation of Sexual Harassment Research in Oz Press
Reported by: -- ( 05/22/07 14:23:54 )

describes Jennifer Berdahl`s latest article for Journal of Applied Psychology, "Sexual Harassment of Uppity Women" which demonstrates that the motive for sexual harassment is not romantic attraction, but rather the maintenance of male power privilege. The Sydney Morning Herald headlined the article with "Don`t want to be harassed? Stop acting like a man" which essentially blames the harassment victim. It`s basically upholding the "What do you expect?" excuse, that`s also used to excuse rape and domestic violence.
It`s a boy`s era
Reported by: Pat -- ( 04/30/07 13:56:39 )
"It`s a boys` era." Lynda Obst, a Hollywood movie producer, on the disappearance of many of the movie world`s most visible female power brokers and a box office that is dominated by action films like "300".
Kiplinger Gets It Right
Reported by: DM -- ( 04/30/07 11:07:36 )
A great article about how men and women face different financial challenges in life.
Geena Davis Hollywood Hero
Reported by: Pat -- ( 04/24/07 05:31:11 )
On the good news front, Geana Davis is receiving the USA Today Hollywood Hero Award on May 1 for her work as the founder of See Jane which works with professionals and parents to reduce gender stereotyping in media made for children 11 and under.
Maureen Dowd only female NYTimes op-ed columnist
Reported by: Nancy -- ( 04/21/07 11:37:57 )
Maureen Dowd continues to be the only female with a regular op-ed column at the NYTimes
Women In IT
Reported by: DM -- ( 04/21/07 05:31:19 )
“Men are usually fascinated by technology, where women take it as a tool to enhance what they’re doing,” Johnson said. “Women are definitely more communicative.”
Don`t girls fish?
Reported by: Pat -- ( 04/20/07 14:43:11 )
Takemefishing seems like a lovely group but their National Geographic ad about boys, dads, grandpas and fishing leaves half the world out!
The NYT On Women In Computer Science
Reported by: DM -- ( 04/19/07 09:53:31 )
Once again the New York Times does a shallow analysis of gender in the workplace.
Reported by: Tom -- ( 04/18/07 10:55:34 )
At BarbieGirls girls will be able to "customize" their own virtual character, design their own "room," shop at the mall, play games, hang out and chat live with other girls.
Gender-biased Happy Meals league of legends vs dota
Reported by: Rebecca -- ( 04/18/07 07:34:34 )
For several years, McDonald`s has offered the choice of "boy" toys (trucks/cars, science, hiking, use of dark colors) or "girl" toys (dolls, dance, more dolls, use of bright colors/pink, etc.).
Rapist doll
Reported by: Rosa -- ( 04/17/07 14:02:32 )
Action figure doll of "Rapist #1" from the movie Grindhouse
"Domestic" Violence and Gendered Assumptions
Reported by: Angela -- ( 04/17/07 07:45:18 )
The assumption that "domestic" violence is isolated and not the concern of the larger body of society.
Genetics and sexuality
Reported by: Rosa -- ( 04/16/07 12:38:18 )
An article in the New York Times expounds upon the genetic basis of sexuality:
"Mother of all Blunders", all right
Reported by: Rosa -- ( 04/16/07 12:37:17 )
An opinion piece in the Washington Post suggests -- at length -- that women shouldn`t be in the army because of inherent weaknesses and status as objects:
Support good reporting
Reported by: pat -- ( 03/30/07 08:54:52 )
CNN`s Money did a really nice job in its profile of Nina Hughes who currently runs River Source`s Global Technology fund.
The Weekly Reader
Reported by: Pat -- ( 03/30/07 08:38:02 )
Weekly Readers` Science Spin leaves out women in science
No women for the Discovery Channel
Reported by: Pat -- ( 03/30/07 08:32:37 )
For the host of its new show on innovations, Discovery Channel `s idea candidate is "male". Apparently no women need to apply.